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When it comes to the installation of Granite Countertops in Los Angeles and other design work in that field, you should be looking at hiring the best. Nabers Stone Co. Inc. is a company that is built on the reputation and workmanship of three generations of family. We provide work that is second to none in the industry and perform these tasks with skill and finesse. Our techniques are honed through years of practice, and we guarantee trained installation professionals for your installation or remodeling needs.

We also include you in the planning phase of the project. This helps ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for without having to worry about areas not being up to your standards.

It might interest you to know that referrals form the backbone of our business. As such, we make sure that we pour our heart in every project. We see to it that every project blends your ideas with our expertise which trickles down to the smallest detail. This approach helps us keep our clients happy as they recommend us to other people. We aim to offer the best service you can ask for from an installation and remodeling company, today and well into the future.


There are a lot of different installation companies that advertise in and around the Los Angeles area, and they all have their own redeeming factors. We, however, offer benefits to the customer that no other company can match in combination. These characteristics set us apart from any competition we may have:

about us - Nabers Stone Co. - Granite countertops Los Angeles

We make it a point to understand exactly what it is you want done and how you want it done. We will guide you on the most efficient and cost effective ways to do your remodel or installation.

This comes from years of experience in the industry which allows us to guide you in the best methods for your personal project.

We understand that time is money and we start and finish all our jobs on time and within the budget, ensuring you never have to worry about hidden fees or overpayment.

We take pride in all our work, enabling us to present the most detailed and well-performed craftsmanship in any project we undertake. This helps us deliver the highest quality of work that you will find in the industry today.

You don’t get to be Number One in the field by disrespecting the people who you work with. This is the reason why we treat our employees like family rather than staff.

Our projects are jobs that last for years, even decades to come. Because of our reputation for long-lasting, high-quality work, we know that these jobs will speak for us better than any advertising can, establishing a yardstick that other potential clients can use to judge our work.

All these things make us more than simply a contracting firm dealing with installations and remodeling. It makes us a leader in the industry that stands on the reputation of our company’s past work. Let us show you why we’re so highly regarded by our clients.


about us - Nabers Stone Co. - Granite countertops Los Angeles

Choosing a company to install your granite countertops in Los Angeles means looking at all the possible options. We provide the most skilled service in terms of installation and remodeling in the great Los Angeles area. A few things make our business stand out from our competitors including:

Traditionally, it takes quite a long time to get your granite countertops installed, but we have managed to reduce that with our innovative methodology. We usually complete jobs on average between three (3) to five (5) days, meaning less downtime for you and your family.

We believe in giving the customer the full view of the process, from selection to fabrication. To that end, we invite the client to view the slabs in our slab yard. We are aware that to choose the perfect slab to build granite countertops in Los Angeles requires the client to see more than a tiny picture in a brochure. That’s why we ask you to come and check out the slabs yourself and make a decision based on firsthand experience. Worried about the cutting process? Come out to our fabrication facility and look at the way we design and work the stone itself into beautiful, elegant shapes and cuts. You deserve to know what’s going on every step of the way when it comes to your granite countertops, and we believe that integrating you into the process ensures that you get exactly what you want with no surprises.

Granite can be a difficult substance to transport, but as a direct fabricator, we are able to remove most of the transport and acquisition cost, giving you the benefit of a cost-effective granite installation that will go with any decor. Our state-of-the-art machinery and refined techniques make it much easier to achieve what you envision for your granite countertops, offering superb craftsmanship at a cost that will surprise you.

We believe that what sets us apart from the competition most of all is our attention to quality. Our finished pieces have been praised by our clients as being akin to works of art. Uniquely designed and crafted by stone workers that are masters of the art of granite countertop installation, we utilize tried and tested techniques that not only guarantee that you get a great finish at the end of the installation but also that you are fully satisfied with the product. Granite countertops are beautiful and can fit into any interior design scheme, but they can be hard to put together properly. The quality of your granite countertop must be matched by a high-quality installation for it to truly shine through.


about us - Nabers Stone Co. - Granite countertops Los Angeles

Nabers Stone Company fabrication process includes reinforcement technology including embedding of steel rods when needed in thinner sections of the countertops.

One of the biggest concerns for homeowners planning to use granite countertops is the quality of the seams.Nabers Stone Granite fabrication technology reduces the seam size to a possible minimum that makes the seam less visible. Here are few of our touches. 1. Joints are cut back in a 22 angle. This will ensure no obstruction and keeping seams as tight as possible. 2. Pigment coloring is mixed with epoxy to match the color of the selected stone. 3. Detailing the seam by using pigment coloring to match the flow and characteristics of your granite.
Corners– All corners are mitered into each other so that no seam is shown in either direction.

At Nabers Stone Company we don’t just purchase premixed colored caulking, we take the time to mix coloring with the caulking to attain a match to your surface. By doing so, this will result in a perfectly detailed kitchen.

To achieve the best bonding surface for the laminated area, Nabers Stone Company grinds the back of the strip and the area to receive the strip. Second, “X” like groves is made to both the strip and the surface to receive the strip.

The American work ethic is alive and well in California. We work hard to dispel the old adage that you must choose between quality, service and price, but that you can only have two of the three. At Nabers Stone Company, customers keep coming back because they get all three, time after time.


Nabers Stone Co. Inc. a family owned and operated company boast experience of 3 generations. Our philosophies and work ethics are based on honesty, integrity, and commitment. The innovative techniques and methods we use to profile and install stone surfaces add an aesthetic.

Clara Webb, Los Angeles

Nabers Stone Co. Inc. a family owned and operated company boast experience of 3 generations. Our philosophies and work ethics are based on honesty, integrity, and commitment. The innovative techniques and methods we use to profile and install stone surfaces add an aesthetic.

Christopher Harris, Los Angeles

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