Nabers Stone is a leader in specialty trades contracting. We specialize in building shell & core, no matter how large the scope of work, Nabers Stone stands ready to work with you.


Strong integrity, good service, and efficient performance are the basic tenets of our vision and key aspects of our business.

We strive towards a balance between satisfied clients and productive employees. Our ambition is what drives us to complete the best projects out there. In short, we never stop improving and always guarantee a safe work environment and a quality end-product.

A team of seasoned professionals makes us unique in the market. Our people are eager to take on the next challenging task. There is nothing standing between us and a successful project.

Using both innovative techniques as well as proven methods, we bring honesty, integrity, and commitment to every customer experience. From the initial bidding process to prompt and professional installation, we’re with you every step. Our expertise covers a wide range of applications.

Evolution in the industry is no stranger to Nabers Stone. Over the years of building material changes, green building, modern-day architecture design, and components, Nabers Stone has the experience, resources, and technology to expand and grow with the ever-changing building industry.

Three generations of experience set us apart from other companies, giving us a competitive advantage and a unique ability to surpass your expectations.


At the core of Nabers Stone Company, Inc.’s cultural Values Is safety. We have safety protocols that everyone follows on each of our awarded projects, to guarantee we all go home safely every day. Having a Plan is key to succeeding in safety.

Our History

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Core Values


Safety is more than just a policy; it is a part of our culture. Built into our DNA is the priority to send our people home safely every night. We think about, demand, and deliver safety in all areas of our business and integrate it into every decision that our team makes. We think, provide and demand safety in all areas of our business, everyone goes home safely.

Zero compromises. Zero incidents

Continuous Improvement

Technology and social media play a vital role in reaching out to customers. Yet, a satisfied customer is still the best means of advertising. In the end, nothing beats an extensive portfolio of happy, returning clients. That is because our company develops and grows with the number of customers we serve. We are eager to learn and improve. We learn from our experiences, reflect on our actions and evolve in our process. We strive for continuous improvement in the way we do business with the goal of safe, quality work on time, every time.

We give our potential clients a risk-free opportunity to work with a trusted company. Ultimately, we enjoy showing what we can do. We want our clients to have that first-hand experience.

Build our people, build our company, learn and grow every day.


We work together and support each other, across all boundaries to surpass all expectations. Our projects succeed in a collaborative environment where our thinking can adapt, knowledge is shared, and ideas are exchanged. Nabers Stone leads by cultivating a culture of respect and trust, to build long-lasting relationships. As a team we carry out better solutions. We value our suppliers, clients, trade partners and our employees. Teamwork is central to our success.

Integrity and Ethics

Nabers Stone foundation upon which where we build relationships and improvement is integrity and ethics. We lead by communicating openly and are fully accountable for our actions. Integrity is the heart of the way we conduct business. We are committed to the highest of standards of integrity and ethics. We always do the right thing, lead by example, even when no one is looking.


Communication is key

We emphasize the importance of good communication. Therefore, all our staff members are trained to understand our clients' needs. Our clients are not required to have knowledge of technical jargon. We speak the customer’s language. And we understand that timely communication is a necessary step toward client satisfaction.

At Nabers Stone, we cherish long-lasting relationships with our clients. Such relationships are a result of:

  • Timely completion of projects
  • Professional Delivery 
  • Responsive and Friendly Service
  • Meeting budget constraints
  • Transparency and honesty

We go beyond the classic motto of every company: “the customer is always right” because quality service doesn’t end there. Instead, we treat each customer as an equal member of our team.

Embracing Change

Change is an essential aspect of success. Therefore, we always aim to adjust our projects to the given circumstances. Our experience allows us to overcome obstacles and face challenges with confidence. With us, adaptability doesn’t mean any sacrifices. No matter the situation, we strive to uphold quality, communication, and industrious work.


At Nabers Stone we take pride and strive to provide and deliver our clients with a high-quality project that fulfills their vision. We involve our clients in every step and dedicate ourselves to achieve a successful project. We care about our employees, communities, and helping build their future as we build their projects. We give our best at every task we perform and are determined to execute and implement best practices to the highest of standards. Our Nabers Approach consists of:

  • Implementing best practices for quality control, such as submittal reviews, pre-installation meetings, first work in place inspections, testing, surveying, and executing.
  • Delivering to the client a project that meets and exceeds their standards and specifications.
  • Constructing the project in accordance with the construction drawings and design details



Our Leadership

Jonathan Naber


Justin Naber

Director of Operations

Chad Michaud

Project Manager

Jin Aragon

Chief Estimator

Heidi Lonzaga


Jessica Perez

Project Coordinator

Sandra Morales

Safety Coordinator

Jorge Vargas

Labor Coordinator