Granite is considered as one of the most durable surfaces for any sort of installation. Well-sealed granite can last for decades. The versatility of granite comes from its ability to fit into any decor because of its unique patterns. It presents a large variety of colors to choose from, and you get an almost perfect design material. Granite’s durability comes from its resistance to wear and tear. When smoothed to perfection a granite installation can stand the test of time and weather even the toughest situations (provided the installation was done correctly).

  • Ideal for all surfaces

  • Vast selection of colors

  • Granite is harder compared with other stone surfaces

Popular as a design material for bathrooms, tables, flooring, and fireplaces, marble has been around for quite some time. The classical Greeks associated marble fixtures and sculptures with wealth. This association has continued to this day, as marble makes up a very significant portion of the materials used for indoor use. The wide array of colors allow for use in almost any setting, and the sheen from the polished surface of a marble fixture is unique and unmistakable.

  • Popular for bathrooms, flooring, fireplaces & tables
  • Most colors come polished and honed
  • Timeless

Quartz is a material that is among the most durable on the earth today. A mixture of almost pure quartz together with small volumes of polymer resin for binding creates a remarkably hard and scratch resistant surface. It has the unique ability to be resistant to long term stains and heat. Its non-porous nature renders it impervious to water and making it last longer than its contemporaries. Quartz’s modern look makes it ideal for fixtures that go for a more 21st century feel while retaining the functionality and durability that other materials are known for.

  • Resistant to heat, scratches and stain

  • Nonporous
  • Contemporary and modern look

Travertine is a type of limestone that is usually associated with hot springs. It is durable and can be used in a number of different situations for both interior and exterior needs. Travertine is a softer material to work with than most types of stone and it tends to be much easier to shape. It looks great whether it’s brushed and tumbled or honed/filled, giving a texture that is different to the other materials. Over time, travertine tends to age well and looks better the longer it’s been installed.

  • Used interior and exterior
  • Looks Beautiful Honed/Filled, brushed and tumbled
  • Ages well

Traditional limestone has been a center point of pride and joy in many fixtures over the years. While it has never been associated with opulence the way marble has, it still retains a very characteristic presence. It has better consistency in its variation when compared to other stone types, which adds to its innate beauty. Limestone has been around for millennia and sometimes the remains of fossils do appear in the deposits, making for interesting talking points. Overall, limestone is a very elegant construction material.

  • Better consistency in variation compared to other natural stone

  • Elegant appearance

  • Appearance of fossils

Onyx is a construction material that stands out from the others in its translucency. Because of this characteristic, Onyx can be backlit, allowing for an impressive array of decor options. Onyx displays a wide array of exquisite colors that fits with many different types of interior design. It is perfect for doing decorative fixtures to further accent the decor of a residential home or apartment.

  • Translucent and can be backlit

  • Exquisite Colors
  • Perfect for decorative

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