Nabers Stone Co. Inc. has been a leader in providing solutions for residential remodeling and professional installation services for decades. Our state-of-the-art stone working methods blend the ancient art of shaping stone with the modern convenience and skill of trained stone architects to create brilliantly cut and shaped masterpieces that fit into any home decor. Our residential services fall into a number of different categories, but we guarantee our trademark high-quality work for each one of these services that we provide.

Tile Installation

We deal with the installation of both indoor and outdoor tiles and stone work for residential properties. Our inimitable style can be applied to new construction, remodeling, multifamily home development, and tenant improvement. Our tile installation techniques are tried and true and have been honed over years in the art of installation of tiles for both interior and exterior surfaces. With our classy style and our ability to take instruction, you’ll be pleased with our attention to detail for your home installation.

Stone Installation

A decades-long tradition stands behind our stone working methods, and it shows in our installation and fabrication techniques. Our facility deals in the shaping and sculpting of natural stone, using not only the wisdom of architects from our past, but incorporating new and precise instrumentation methods to ensure that you get the highest quality finishes in our stone fabrication process. We provide masterful stonework to be used in kitchen counter tops, bars, Jacuzzi, staircases, fireplaces, bathroom vanity tops, wall cladding, barbecues, and shower enclosures, as well as a wide range of other indoor and outdoor applications. Our fabrication techniques blend the old and the new to create a unique output that no other stone working company can hope to match. If you think it can be done in stone, then there’s a good chance that we can help you realize it.


Stone and tile tends to lose their shine the longer they’re around, and sometimes no matter how much you clean them, they never get back to their old gloss. Nabers Stone Co. Inc. uses a revolutionary technique to restore stone and tiles back to their original installation gloss. A combination of specialized solutions for cleaning and suction techniques to remove the grime buildup from grout serves to return your tiles to their original immaculate condition and ensures their longevity for years to come.
Our residential services cover the widest range of stone working, fabrication, maintenance, and construction available to any residential household. We believe in delivering quality to our clients, and our work speaks for itself. With over three generations of experience in the art and science of stone working and installation of tiles and stone fixtures, we are well-suited to any job you may have in mind. We work with you every step of the way and allow you to guide us in creating what you want for your interior and exterior setting. Our craftsmanship is the best in the area, and we invite you to give us a call and try us out.

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