At Nabers Stone Company, Inc., safety is the most important value held. We breathe and live safety everyday: no compromises. We go above and beyond regulatory standards to guarantee that our trade partners and our employees are protected through several systems of successful safety management. We live by our “Safety First” philosophy. “Safety First” means the value we place on safety is demonstrated by our actions and words. Our safety culture is described as Be A.L.E.R.T., representing the steps we take to assure we are working safely- Act and Assist like a Leader, Be Exceptional, Be Responsible, Think and Train.

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Act and Assist

Our team leaders are prepared with a safety plan and the knowledge to act safely on all jobsites. Our team leaders lead by example and empower all members to act immediately when a hazard is accessed in the field. At Nabers Stone we practice speaking up and stepping in to assist when a hazard has been spotted. We take pride in helping correct all potential hazards or preventing one. We ensure safety of not only our own team, but the community around us and offer help and guidance. We are safer and stronger when we work together in Safety First.

Tile and Stone Contractors | Nabers Stone Co. Inc. LA


Our team leaders take pride in their work and hold not only themselves, but coworkers accountable for their actions and decisions. Team leaders delegate, communicate, inspire, and empower their peers to act like a leader.

Tile and Stone Contractors | Nabers Stone Co. Inc. LA


At Nabers Stone, we push the limits, take action, learn from our mistakes, remain humble and are considerate of others. These qualities set us apart and make every individual of The Nabers Team, not only an exceptional employee but exceptional whole against safety.

Tile and Stone Contractors | Nabers Stone Co. Inc. LA


Responsibility is something we hold high in our standards when it comes to Safety. We do not blame, and we do not complain. The Nabers Team refuses to take anything personally. While on the job we are confident and calm. We do things without being asked. We manage our time to be successful and remain safe in all our projects.

Tile and Stone Contractors | Nabers Stone Co. Inc. LA

Think and Train

Safety training is a requirement for all Nabers Stone employees. Our employees take necessary trainings such as, Toolbox Talks, Fall Protection, Forklift, Scissor Lift Certification, and Osha 30 Certification. These trainings teach our employees to STOP and THINK, before approaching situations. We enforce the idea of “Safety First”, to engrave in our environment to always think safety.